Monday, September 15, 2014

Space 2048 Soundtrack Released

The soundtrack for our upcoming game 'Space 2048' has been released. It is a bit unconventional to release a soundtrack separately from the game, but then this is not the typical game track nor is it your typical 2048 game. The entire Space 2048 gaming experience is very contemplative to start with, the game being more of an intellectual exercise than anything else. Then there are these fascinating visual backgrounds with slowly rotating planets and deep reverberating sound effects. The music slowly eases into this environment as yet another layer to create an almost meditative ambiance to get lost in. The entire soundtrack is performed on synthesizers exclusively with 4 tracks that have a combined length of just under a half an hour.

All titles on the EP are space themed with the aptly named "Space Theme" starting things off. This is a longer track with a slow build to a pretty big finale. It combines groups of poignant layered mini themes that may initially appear unrelated. The second title "Space Pebbles" is an adventure in polyrhythms. With a total of only 2 voices the piece nevertheless manages to present a tapestry of more than twice as many rhythms going on at the same time. Like pebbles bouncing off the surface of space. "Space Time", the third track, is an aural representation of what space might sound like. Slowly emerging from the timeless waves and rhythms is the emergence of consciousness in a 4-part harmony choral motive. With the final track "Space Worms" the EP concludes in a humorous turnaround of tone alluding to the ubiquitous wormholes of sci-fi lore. Not taking itself too seriously, it still makes for an uplifting change of atmosphere.

"Space 2048 - The Soundtrack" includes all 4 songs and is now available for download on  iTunesAmazon and Google Play. It has also been released on Spotify and Rdio for streaming.