Friday, April 03, 2015

Quincy 1.0.6 Released

After six long weeks in the review queue it is finally here. Quincy 1.0.6 is now available on the App Store. While there were some small bug fixes and graphic fixes here and there the main focus of this release was to add undo/redo functionality. Due to space limitations this functionality is limited to the iPad - there simply wasn't room to add another 2 buttons on the iPhone interface. Undo is implemented as document wide and limitless, meaning that the undo chain gets released when closing a file (which happens when opening a new document) and also that there is no upper limit of the number of undo steps. 

The two new toolbar buttons (undo and redo) are located in the center of the iPad's main toolbar and only available in edit mode when the iPad is in portrait mode. In this release all draw and edit operations are undoable as well as a number of document settings. This will be expanded even further in the next release. Quincy 1.0.6 is available on the App Store now and a free upgrade.