Thursday, October 27, 2016

ScaleMaster LE for iOS Released

Try the new ScaleMaster app for free with our LE version
and get a 40% discount on Pro features until Nov.1st. ScaleMaster LE is the free version of our ScaleMaster Pro app. It is free to try and allows to add in all those pro features like document support, additional instruments and sounds, exercise recording and of course all scale types available in the pro version. It runs on all iOS devices and is Family Sharing enabled. ScaleMaster LE is available on the app store.

The original ScaleMaster was released back in 2008 and has seen countless feature upgrades over the years, but it was finally time to retire the venerable app and think about a modern replacement. We started by focussing on the layout. An app running on devices as large as the iPad Pro and as small as the iPhone 4S needed to take extraordinary steps towards presenting its content in a useful manner. What complicates matters for music notation or instrument representation is the fact that all of these devices default to a portrait orientation. So, for the iPad we came up with a new centered tool strip which is great for uninhibited instrument access at the bottom of the screen. Yet it provides a centralized location for all tools and secondary windows. ScaleMaster also supports Split View on all newer device models. For the iPhone the app comes with 3 layout configurations, a combination view in portrait mode and user selectable notation or instrument views in landscape mode. Great for quick reference and great for practicing.

Scale configurations are saved in documents that can be shared. Like an Ab Pentatonic major scale for guitar in fifth position for example. Just drag the instrument to the fifth position and dial in the scale. Now, with the new recording feature, we can step record a specific exercise just for this scale and position by simply punching in a bunch of notes via the instrument or even MIDI. ScaleMaster converts these notes to a string of eighth notes and can play them back at any speed. It even offers a auto-reverse function so if we punched in an ascending scale ScaleMaster's playback will play it back going up, then down and highlight all notes on the instrument as well. We are pretty excited about this, because with documents we can now go back to scales we explored previously and even better, we can make a whole bunch of key, scale and position specific exercises that we can review at any time.

Yet another focus in this new release are instruments. ScaleMaster's instruments add-on includes 9 virtual instruments in stunning graphic realizations. What is even more impressive are scope and customization options. The piano instrument which is included in the LE edition features a full set of 88 keys and all string instruments have 24 frets. There are several options to position necks and keyboard and note highlighting is done in a very understated manner. Instruments can be played by touch or via a class compliant MIDI controller. ScaleMaster's instrumental sounds add-on includes 128 sounds to chose from and supports virtual MIDI for chaining external synth modules. Of course ScaleMaster inherits many great features from its predecessor. The complete scales add-on includes over 200 scales and a chord filter that can be used to match scales to 27 different chord types. Its music notation view allows for a total of 6 clefs which are instrument matched and features chord tone highlighting, reversible scale direction, semitone indicators and customizable note addendum information.

We are just getting started with the new ScaleMaster app and there are many more features yet to come. ScaleMaster has its own Facebook page and is documented extensively. With the new LE version you can add the exact features you require and have the additional benefit of trying the app out for free. ScaleMaster LE is available on the app store now.