Saturday, July 01, 2017

Quincy for iOS Implements Audiobus 3

Quincy 1.5.4 has been released with a whole bunch of updates and to not bury the lead, it is now Audiobus 3 compatible. Quincy is both a sound generator as well as a MIDI generator or source and can now function in either capacity in an Audiobus session.

Audiobus: App-to-app audio for iOSWhen used as a sound source nothing much changes from the way Quincy was used previously. Simply select Quincy in the Audio Input list, add effects, a sound destination like GarageBand and the setup is pretty much complete. Save the session if so inclined and go ahead recording.

Audiobus 3's MIDI capabilities add a new twist to things. One or more apps can be selected in the MIDI Sender panel. Then there is the added possibility to add a MIDI effect and finally things can be routed to a sequencer or MIDI recorder. Of note in this setup as well as in the previous one is Audiobus' Mixer tab where inputs can be leveled, panned, soloed and muted. This kind of setup is also ideal for live playback because all instruments can be started simultaneously.

Quincy 1.5.4 also adds several performance optimizations, moves the Audiobus strip to the left and adds a new sample composition called Gypt which demonstrates interoperability with ScalePlay. Audiobus trigger states have been adjusted to reflect state in the app as well as in Audiobus. With the recent addition of Ableton Link integration and the latest rounds of performance enhancements Quincy's integration into a live or recording set have made huge advancements. Please refer to the documentation for complete integration and implementation details. Quincy 1.5.4 is available on the iPhone app store now and a free upgrade. And check out Quincy's Facebook page for lots of interesting tidbits and supplemental information.